Barclay’s Capital

Ultimate North Expedition 2005

The aim of the expedition is to help solve the greatest mystery of polar exploration and settle the debate once and for all – who discovered the North Pole.

• The expedition started on 15 March, 2005 when the team was dropped by Twin Otter aircraft at Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island.

• Due to the chaotic nature of the pack ice and the bitterly cold March temperatures, mileage started as low as 4 miles per day and build up to an average of 12 miles per day.

• Peary had four support parties on his journey to the Pole, carrying vital food and fuel supplies for the onward journey. This meant he could travel with light loads, enabling him to travel at great speed.

• The team recreated this important part of the story by having a Twin Otter ski planes deposit 4 food and fuel caches at the exact locations that Peary’s support parties dropped off their loads and returned home.

• Like Peary, the culmination of the Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition was the dash to the Pole, attaining the Pole within 4 hours of Peary’s time.

Expedition Photo Gallery


Right to Left: George Wells (UK), Matty McNair (USA/CAN), Tom Avery (UK), Hugh Dale-Harris (CAN), Andrew Gerber (SA)

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